About Us

I started Circle CIty Collectibles LLC in Q1 2022. 

My lifelong experience in the workforce has revolved around retail, retail management, multi-store management, regional management, supply chain, and e-commerce warehouse management. 

At some point, long ago, I fell in love with collecting. I think that everybody collects something in some shape or form. Like so many others on the internet, to reduce my collection and make way for different items I began selling some of my personal collection on third-party apps. 

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I want to be the source of joy for people that they get from that package being delivered to their front door with that much-anticipated addition to their collection.

I have the real-life experience in retail (customer service) and warehouse management (order fulfillment, shipping, etc.) to know what makes or breaks a great experience while simultaneously having the understanding from the hardcore collector's POV and what they expect out of a transaction. 

With each order that gets sent out I come closer to my goal of being your go-to destination for whatever it is your collecting and you complete another milestone on the completion of your collection.

I aim to connect you with collectibles that you love.

- Andrew Branson, Founder, CEO